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Chippewa Ag Solutions understands farm equipment.

We take the time to understand each of our client's strengths, weaknesses, and what makes their operation unique so we can provide the right software modifications. We work closely with you to boost your operational efficiency to ensure higher quality for your business and equipment.

We choose to only partner with companies that are known for being the best in their fields and provide high-end products with great support.

Diesel Engine Tuning with AgroEcoPower

Gain the best engine performance possible with no extra fuel consumption for your tractors, combines, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, transfer pumps, semi-trucks, and construction equipment.

On the market since 2004, AgroEcoPower is an ECM tuning company that specializes in software modifications for agricultural equipment and diesel engines. With 100,000+ satisfied customers, AgroEcoPower provides high-end quality software modifications that is safe for all well-known brands of agricultural equipment and diesel trucks. All software modifications come with a lifetime warranty that including service calls, tuning after reflash, and return to stock.

By performing the diesel engine tuning, parameter characteristics of injection, air-to-fuel ratio, injection duration, amount of fuel and torque limiter are optimized.

  • Increase performance with turbo-diesel engines up to 30% and torque up to 25%.
  • Acquire better torque within low to middle RPMs!
  • Lower fuel consumption by up to 18%.
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What happens during a diesel engine performance modification?



Our technician will come to you to discuss demands and expectations of your diesel engine.



Diagnostic and software backup procedures are run before the modification is performed. Control unit modification can be reversed at any time.



New tuning software solution is prepared individually for the diesel engine in your vehicle and is subsequently installed back into the control unit. The install is done at your location, no shipping of the ECU necessary.


Final Check

We run diagnostics and inspection of all relevant engine components. Before the delivery, we perform a test drive. We stand behind our ECM tuning software modification as long as you own it.

Increase engine performance
and reduce fuel consumption
with diesel engine tuning.

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AKE Safety Equipment

A clean agent fire extinguisher can mean the difference between a small, containable incident and a total loss.

Farmers use expensive equipment and extremely flammable fuels with a high propensity to catch fire. Engines overheating, defects in the ignition or fuel system, sparks from friction or exhaust, improper fueling, and smoking are often reasons farm equipment catch fire. A good fire extinguisher is a necessity.

For 30+ years, AKE Safety Equipment has been the only firefighter owned, operated, and endorsed fire extinguisher manufacturer in the United States. Their STOP-FYRE® extinguishers are incredibly intuitive, effective, and reliable. Dry chemical, carbon dioxide, and foam fire extinguishers don't compare. Dry chemical fire extinguishers are corrosive to metals and electronics. CO2 fire extinguishers may cold shock sensitive electrical equipment. Foam fire extinguishers require clean up and can't be used on electrical fires. STOP-FYRE® are ideal for extinguishing machinery fires because:

  • No residue is left behind after use
  • They are effective, non-corrosive, compact, and durable
  • No monthly or annual maintenance is required
  • Handheld or automatic fire suppression options are available
  • They are backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee

I had my Case IH 9120 combine tuned and it made a world of difference. Engine load would do 108% with engine RPM at 2,090 and top RPM is 2.120 -- it really woke my engine up!

Bill Moseley
Case IH 310, 370, 580, 9120
Mendon, MO

After tuning our Case IH tractor, we are using two gallons per hour less fuel and can even go in the spots where water stood without slowing down. I am impressed!

Brian Pickard
Case IH Quadrac 500
Rhodes, IA

We did some figuring... In fuel savings alone, the tune-up would pay for itself in 250 hours. That does not include fewer man-hours per acre and more acres covered per hour. Nice product, very well done!

Alex Recker
John Deere S670, 8130
Arlington, IA

Steve Aguiar

Owner and Director of Sales

Steve grew up in Minnesota, started working on his first farm when he was ten years old, and has been involved with agriculture ever since. Now with over 25 years in the agricultural sales experience, Steve has started his own business to bring the products he knows to be the most beneficial directly to farmers and the trucking companies in the Midwest.

AgroEcoPower and STOP-FYRE® by AKE Safety Equipment are both products Steve whole-heartily believes are essential to every farm and trucking operation. He has seen the positive impact these products have had on countless operations and will gladly share references with you.

Steve is a resident of Altoona, Wisconsin and is the proud father of two wonderful children, one is pursuing a master's degree in social work and the other is student in medical school. He is also very excited to welcome his first grandchild to the world later this year.

"I provide products and services that help farmers grow their business and be safer while doing it."

Steve Aguiar - Chippewa Ag Solutions Owner